Nanny State RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Cancels Children’s Holiday, Inpeach!

imageWe told you yesterday about the (currently unlinkable!) terrible, horrible things RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said about His Lord High Hairgel Mittens of Romney. (Namely, he told him to eat a dick, and had “no interest” in hosting him for a natural disaster photo op. Then he ate the dick of Barack Nobummer a bunch for not being terrible at hurricanes.) But what horrible thing has he done now? He has canceled Christmas Halloween! Just because of a little bilgewater/mass destruction! Instead, the poor children of New Jersey will be putting on their scary Barack Obama masks a week later, on November 5 or something — yes, Electione’en! Why does Chris Christie hate the sound of children’s laughter and joy? 

Just like a typical Nanny Stater, with their insistence on keeping children “safe” and “alive” and “not falling on downed electrical wires and burning to a terrifying crisp.” 

You know who else tried to control the calendar? The Mayans. And just look what happened to them!


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