Dear Hero 47% Dude: Please Do Not Go To Law School

This week the man behind the video that completely disproved any thesis that Mitt Romney was capable of human emotions other than wrath and hatred went inside of Ed Schultz’s grizzly cave and self-doxxed. The world finally was able to put a name and a face to the man whose videotaping skilz accomplished more than a million filthy Occupy protesters in provoking our glorious and long overdue class war. Thanks Bartender/Comrade Scott Prouty! May you live a long a fruitful life in defiance of Mittens and Michael Wolff!

Sadly for Bartender Scott, despite his previous efforts to avoid publicity and the insane backlash that one might expect from a movement where Ted Nugent is a major figure, he is in the unenviable position of being publicly targeted by our nation’s most thorough countertop inspectors. He’s already received death threats, and his financial situation is a bit precarious seeing as he almost single-handedly pissed off every member of the 1% in allowing “the boy” to assume another four years in office (fuck those guys Scott, they were shitty tippers anyway). In his desperation, however, Scott is considering the worst possible option for someone with “empathy,” “morality,” and a concern about labor rights: he wants to go to law school.



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